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Who are We?

Schwander Insurance Services (SIS) is a boutique insurance brokerage firm that strives to provide superior service to our clients. We want to provide the best insurance and asset/risk management protection that we can. We do business the old fashion way: 1) we return phone calls, and 2) we respond to emails. In almost all cases within 24 hours.

Philosophy of Doing Business:

We learned a long time ago that our job is to “obtain and place” the right type of insurance for our clients at a competitive premium. Our job is not to “bid” on business. We firmly believe that the client should select the insurance broker that they believe will do the best work for them and allow them to enter an unencumbered insurance marketplace. Our industry has not done a very good job of educating the rest of the world as to what we do and how we do it. For instance, in the Property &Casualty Insurance market, the one that we work in, only one insurance broker/agent can get to any one insurance company. The first one there gets that market. So if a client has more than one insurance broker working for them, they may not get the best results because:

  1. A lesser broker has the better market only because they rushed into the market to block out other brokers.
  2. The client will get two or more proposals and most people will only look at the premium. Not what the actual coverage is or does.
  3. More than likely the various brokers will go to some of the same insurance companies and if that happens, which it usually does, the insurance companies will not be that interested in the risk as they know it is being “shopped” and they may not be working with the preferred/controlling broker. Therefore, they may not put out their best offer. The insurance companies want to know that they have a decent opportunity to get the business and are working with the preferred/controlling broker.

We have many clients/prospects that feel they have a fiduciary responsibility to obtain terms from competing providers.  We get it, and, that is exactly what we do as an insurance broker.  We obtain terms from multiple insurance companies (providers) and are then able to outline them in one proposal.

The word “boutique” was mentioned earlier. SIS is considered a boutique shop as it is known to have knowledge at the higher end of the scale in the following lines of insurance:

  • Directors & Officers Liability Insurance (see Mike Schwander’s bio below)
  • Human Clinical Trial Insurance for the Life Science Industry
  • Cyber Liability Insurance

Find Out More

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Mike Schwander

Mike Schwander

Mike is a licensed agent in several states and has over 35 years of experience in the Property and Casualty insurance business with a special expertise in Directors & Officers Liability Insurance (D&O). Mike is considered one of the early pioneers in the D&O Insurance world because of his involvement with this product since the early 1980’s.  Mike is the principal of Schwander Insurance Services (SIS) and is responsible to make certain that the company continues to operate smoothly and continues to grow.  Fortunately, the others within SIS are very capable which means that Mike doesn’t have to worry much about how the company is running.

Mike’s career started in 1979 when he took a job at a wholesale operation in Chicago.  From there, he moved onto one of the larger retail insurance brokerage operations where the genesis of the D&O operations that Mike and a couple of others started.  In 1985, a handful of people relocated to Denver, CO and started the department that handled D&O and Professional Liability country wide.  In 1988 a few of the people that were in that department went over to another large insurance broker and started their national Financial Services department which grew at a very fast pace.  Mike stayed with this operation through a merger and once again, the model by which this operation was assembled proved to be a good one and the revenue that came in was dramatic.  In 2003, Mike decided to start his own firm which had been a goal of his for some time.

Mike originally grew up in a western suburb of Chicago and his parents and siblings moved to Boulder, CO in 1968.  Mike has lived in Colorado since then except for five years that he spent in Chicago after he graduated from the University of Northern Colorado.  He is married and has two grown children both in Colorado.  He enjoys family time, fishing, golfing, skiing and playing his guitar.

You can get a hold of Mike as follows:

Phone: 303-917-6769

Email: mike@schwanderins.com

Michael Schwander

Michael Schwander

Michael joined Schwander Insurance Services in 2012 part time while spending the majority of the his time attending school and serving in the Army National Guard, both in the states and overseas.  In January of 2013 he joined the company full time and has been learning the business and providing the service that Schwander Insurance Services customers have come to expect.  He is a licensed Colorado agent with a focus on Executive Liability and Venture Capital risks.

Outside of work, Michael enjoys exploring Colorado through skiing, golfing and fishing.

You can get a hold of Michael as follows:

Phone: 303-726-2929

Email: mike2@schwanderins.com

Ana Holdren

Ana Holdren

Ana is a licensed Colorado agent and brings over 25 years of commercial insurance experience.  She manages client programs by providing cost effective insurance placements and risk counseling.

Ana began her career in 1989 and has spent time in marketing, servicing, contract review, sales, and operation management.   She works with organizations focused in the life/science, technology, manufacturing and restaurant industries using her extensive background in Human Clinical Trial, Cyber, Products and Professional Liability coverage’s.  Ana has also worked with renewable energy, architects, engineers and construction businesses.

Ana is a native of Colorado and graduated from Parks College on 1989 with an Associate degree in Computer Science and earned her Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) Professional Designation in 1991.

Ana is married and together they have one son who attends high school.  In her spare time, she enjoys football, traveling and crafting.

You can get a hold of Ana as follows:

Phone #: 720-732-9551

Email: ana@schwanderins.com

Ashley Canny

Ashley Canny

Ashley joined Schwander Insurance Services in July of 2014. She is a licensed insurance agent in the State of Colorado and is currently working to obtain the Certified Insurance Service Representative (CISR) and Associate in General Insurance (AINS) designations. At Schwander Insurance Services, Ashley works as a Broker Associate, focusing primarily on Commercial Property & Casualty Insurance.

Born and raised in Bettendorf, Iowa, Ashley moved to Colorado in the fall of 2007 to attend and play volleyball at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley.  Upon graduation, Ashley moved to the Denver area to begin her career.  In her free time Ashley enjoys crafting, playing volleyball, and spending time with her husband and two Italian Greyhounds.

Ashley looks forward to continuing to grow her knowledge and expertise in the commercial insurance industry and to assist clients with their insurance needs.

You can get a hold of Ashley as follows:

Phone #: 563-320-1293

Email: ashley@schwanderins.com

This website is closed as Schwander Insurance Services has been acquired/merged with Moody Insurance Agency. Please call one of the people listed if you have any questions.

Mike Schwander:  303-824-6669

Michael Schwander:  303-824-6637

Ashley Canny:  303-824-6662