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How Do We Succeed for Our Clients?

In order to succeed, it is very important to provide the personnel of Schwander Insurance Services a working environment that will generate continuous enthusiasm and learning opportunities.  The goal is to find people with a passion to learn and provide “Service with Integrity”.  The result of this mission is that Schwander Insurance Services should become the insurance broker of choice.

We do believe that if we operate with a high level of integrity that we will be able to provide leading edge products and our clients will be satisfied at the same time.  We represent the Insured/the buyer of the Product.  It is the insured/consumer that pays our bills.  Albeit, we wouldn’t be able to operate without the insurance company industry and the relations we have built with them over the years.

We believe, like in any business relationship that you build it to create a high level of trust.  From there, the rest of the relationship will take care of itself.  We have phenomenal clients who trust us and we them.  If this level of understanding/trust was not there, our clients would be spending far too much time with their insurance and that would not be good as they have their own companies to run.  They are able to download much of the insurance work they have onto us, which is one reason why we have very loyal clients.

The bottom line is that we know the Property & Casualty Insurance business and we can help out most companies and industries with their insurance needs/requirements.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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This website is closed as Schwander Insurance Services has been acquired/merged with Moody Insurance Agency. Please call one of the people listed if you have any questions.

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